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I must learn how to shine like them.

but I just become blind by them

it's karem, bitch

The Girl
The Fan

Karem. 17 years old u_u". Loves her wife and dad. Spoilt. Talkative. Loves: reading. baking. cookies. friends. sleeping. movies. Klaine pwns everything♥. Photography & Vivi models (at least some of them). British and Korean music. KDoramas. Perú.
In love with Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Kelly Jones, Kaya Scodelario, Julian Casablanca, Thoumas Holopainen, Stereophonics and Glee. Vivi Models: Hasegawa Jun, Chikako Watanabe & Marie. Yamada Yu. Japan lost the magic in her. Uverworld. Takuya. Glee is still eating her brain. Will go to Italy someday. Peace (?)